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Is there an ideal desk setup?

Throughout the past month, we talked to the Episource Engineering team members about their desk setups. Our goal was to find out what tools are being used to effectively deliver high quality software, and find out if there were any common patterns being used across the team.

Different but Equal

As you look at the various setups below, you’ll quickly notice that no two are the same. Desk setups are deeply personal and they are rarely built all at once. Most often, these configurations are developed piece-by-piece over many coding sessions.

It’s also worth noting that we’re nerds 🤓 and probably think about this stuff wayyyy more than anyone should. Regardless, we hope you enjoy learning what’s on our desks. And who knows, maybe you’ll find a couple of items worth adding to your own setup!

Milad Mikeal

Victor Roy

note: I have a different monitor/keyboard setup at home, but here’s my travel setup which I’m using rn (fits into a carry on)

Julie Im

Peter Lee

  • Monitors:
    • Asus 27 inch
    • Acer 21 inch
    • Retro Dell Screen
  • Mouse + Keyboard: The standard laptop keyboard and trackpad on my Macbook Pro
  • Rubber duck: I’ve yet to befriend a rubber duck
  • Tools:
    • Notepad and mini whiteboard for brainstorming and writing my todos.
    • I also have a exercise ball and a small tool to help my sitting posture.

Grant Ruddick

Elliott Foster

Chris Wong

Farshad Javadi

Shane Barringer


As you can see, there isn’t one desk setup to rule them all. It’s often a matter of preference, developed over years of experience, along with a healthy dose of trial and error.

Until next time, best of luck in building your own ultimate desk setup!