Tell us a bit about yourself. (Who are you? Where are you from? Hobbies?)

Peter: Hello there! My name is Peter Lee and I’m from Los Angeles. Prior to being a developer, I was getting a history degree and working part-time at a hamburger joint. In my free time I enjoy camping and fishing, video games, audiobooks (I recommend Brandon Sanderson if you’re into fantasy/sci-fi!), and watching animal/nature documentaries and videos. My buddies are probably tired of me linking them to animal posts all the time.

What team are you a part of here at Episource? What is your role on this team? What does a typical day of work look like for you?

Peter: I’m a part of the EpiAnalyst Medicaid team. My role is a Full Stack Engineer so I mainly do feature development on the user interface and the server. I usually start the day off reviewing the team’s pull requests and the newly merged code. It helps me keep up with the changing codebase and I’ve found that seeing and understanding other people’s code is a great way to learn. Then I start working on my own tasks which often include opening 20 tabs on Google Chrome to find a solution.

What would you say has been the main driving force in your career?

Peter: I personally enjoy developing, especially creating something and seeing it in action. The aspect of improving my skill set and being able to apply them to what I work on excites me!

Tell us about an Episource project you’ve been involved in that you are particularly proud of.

Peter: Since I started working here when only a handful of engineers were on the EpiAnalyst project, I’m lucky to say I’ve been given a lot of exciting opportunities.

A project from my earlier days that I’m proud of is improving the scalability of the single database we had to a multi-tenant database structure. The project has come a long way since its conception!

More recently, I’m really proud to have worked on Epianalyst 2.0 and the Medicaid projects. While working on these projects, I learned so much from others and I’m glad I’m a part of such great teams and that I get to work with such fantastic people.

If you had one piece of advice for someone starting out in their developer career today what would it be?

Peter: Don’t try to do everything from scratch. Utilize your resources, whether it be googling solutions or asking a team member or friend. Chances are, other more experienced people have encountered similar situations and can provide valuable insight. Sometimes there might be a package that does exactly what you had in mind!

If you could choose a different “dream” career? What would it be?

Peter: If I can rewind time and rewire my brain to be better at science in school, I’d choose to be an animal biologist. I love learning about animals and I think it’d be really amazing to do work and research that might make the planet a more sustainable place. They also get to go on field work and experience firsthand some of the most awesome natural events!

Do you have any pets you want to tell us about?

Peter: Here’s Happy! I forgot to post about him on the pet spotlight article so posting him here! He’s an eight year old Chihuahua Maltese mix, spoiled puppy. He likes chicken and isn’t too fond of veggies.