Tell us a bit about yourself. (Who are you? Where are you from? Hobbies?)

Grant: Grant is my middle name, but it’s what I’ve been called for the majority of my life. I’m from the North West, Olympia WA to be precise. I play music, “extreme sports” (snowboarding, freelining, surfing, etc..), magic occasionally, I do calisthenics and I spend allot of time developing software both professionally and independently.

What team are you a part of here at Episource? What is your role on this team? What does a typical day of work look like for you?

Grant: At the moment I am on the EpiA team, prior to this I was on the Platform team. My Role on the team so far has been making improvements to the EpiA application and being a general contributor. I still spend time assisting Platform/Interop team when they have questions, issues or are having trouble solving a problems. Typically I work through my stories on the Jira board and occasionally drop everything to help put out fires.

What would you say has been the main driving force in your career?

Grant: I guess my enjoyment of the field. I am and always have been very creative, painting, playing music, building stuff. I feel like programming is just another creative outlet for me so this career has been a perfect fit. I get to build applications and solve complex problems in interesting/efficient ways. There are always so many ways to approach a problem and the choices you make can result in “elegant”, “beautiful” or “ugly” code. It really is an art form and I love it!

Tell us about an Episource project you’ve been involved in that you are particularly proud of.

Grant: Even though it was eventually shelved, at the time I thought the way we handled building the telehealth application was fairly impressive. We built that application from just a vague idea that was passed to us, to a feature complete product (according to spec) in less than two weeks. That was a pretty fun/intense sprint and I think even with the time crunch we managed to create a pretty robust and easily modified application.

If you had one piece of advice for someone starting out in their developer career today what would it be?

Grant: Build some thing(s) you find interesting that uses allot of technologies. Staying interested and motivated is one key to success and allot of valuable knowledge comes from figuring out how to make the pieces fit together.

What 3 things do you think most of each day?

Grant: The past, present and future.

If you could choose a different “dream” career? What would it be?

Grant: I would be a traveling musician.