Meet Our Team

Meet the developers of Episource Engineering

EpiAnalyst Team

The EpiAnalyst team is working on solutions to identify HCC opportunities. Elegant user interfaces allow for convenient analysis on member and provider highlights down to each diagnosis and HCC or the big picture aggregates. Server side projects leverage the client data to generate CSV and PDF files for gap letters, chase lists, and other reports. These solutions are broken up into multiple microservices developed using Javascript/Node.js, React, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Golang, and several AWS services among other technologies.

Data Engineering Team

The Data Engineering team is responsible for ingesting, transforming and loading client data into the applications. The transformation step is where claims are processed and the data our users need for their analytics is generated, like the member Risk Adjustment Factor calculation and HCC Suspecting. The data pipelines are developed and maintained using technologies such as Apache Spark, AWS EMR clusters, AWS Athena, Airflow, SQLServer, and more.

Platform Team

The Platform team works on EpiVirtualcare, EpiPortal, and build core services that are used by the rest of the Engineering team. EpiVirtualCare enables healthcare providers to schedule Telehealth appointments with patients and conduct visits over live, streaming video and audio, using any device. EpiPortal is Episource’s product offering gateway. The team is also leading a migration effort to a Kubernetes-backed (EKS) PaaS in AWS to empower other Product and Data Engineering teams to build scalable, secure, and resilient services.

Interoperability Team

The Interoperability team is responsible for EpiHub and is working on solutions for interoperability with APIs and real time interfaces. API Gateways to EHRs will allow internal users and teams access to patient encounter data and longitudinal records. Real time interfaces will provide patient demographic updates along with laboratory and radiology results and reports. The developers work with web services and interfaces developed using Java, Tcl, Cloverleaf translations, and AWS services.